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Dear NAPAD family,
I’m so delightful to announce that Lynnette Li will commence her ministry with NAPAD as Director for Communication and Transformational Ministries from July 1, 2015. Lynnette has served in local, regional, and general ministry settings. Within the ministries of NAPAD, she worked with the First Zo Christian Church of Indianapolis, IN. In September 2015, she joined the NAPAD ministry team as part of her seminary field education. Her work with me and other NAPAD Ministry Team members were diligent and insightful. Her cooperation with other NAPAD young leaders is especially vital. She has earned her Master of Divinity degree from the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, IN in May 2015.
Lynnette, as a part of the NAPAD Ministry Team, will work towards developing effective communication among NAPAD local congregations, Regional Churches, and General ministries. Lynnette will coordinate the Young Generation Ministry Team and create good programs to promote leadership within young people in the NAPAD community as well as our denomination as a whole. It is a real blessing to have such a gifted and faithful worker for God’s mission. I invite you to join me in welcoming her to her ministry with NAPAD and share your greetings, blessings and heartiest congratulations to her. You can contact her throughLLI@napad.disciples.org / 317-713-2681. She is available from 8:30am to 4:30pm during the week.
In addition, I would like to appreciate the sincere work of the reviewing team: Rev. Dr. Janet Casey-Allen, Shirley Kinoshita, and Mayon Marcelino, who were part of the interview process with Lynnette. Their cooperation and support were so graceful and prophetic.

Jinsuk Chun

Executive Pastor of the North American Pacific/Asian Disciples (NAPAD)





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