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NAPAD All Saints Day Resources

Since the first consultation of Asian Disciples held in 1972, NAPAD, as a ministry has grown steadily. Our ministry's growth is a result of early ministry trailblazers and pioneers who passionately advocated for the inclusion, participation and leadership of Pacific and Asian Disciples within the greater Church. 

Over the past few years, as a faith community, the NAPAD family mourn the loss of several ministry pioneers who have been pivotal to our growth, sustainability and development. As we approach All Saints Day, we would like to take the time to remember these ministry pioneers and leaders. They have given generously of themselves to the work of establishing and strengthening the ministries of NAPAD. 

We take the time to remember their deep passion for NAPAD. We give thanks for their unwavering dedication in supporting the ministries of NAPAD. We ask that you would join us in celebrating the lives, legacy and memories of ministry pioneers Soongook Choi, Harold Johnson, David Kagiwada, Aki and Martha Suzuki, and Manuel Tamayo. 

Below are some resources on the above mentioned ministry pioneers:

Inaugural Anti-Racism Training in Korean for Korean Disciples

October 26, 2015, Korean pastors from the Pacific Southwest Region gathered for a day long anti-racism training. As a pro-reconciling and anti-racist ministry, NAPAD is very proud of the work of the region’s NAPAD staff, Reverends Younglan Kim and Youngjun Yang. They spent a year in research and consultation with anti-racism trainers from Reconciliation Ministry, to create an anti-racism training course for Korean Disciples. 

This is the first time in the history of NAPAD to have anti-racism training taught in Korean. Participants who received the training expressed appreciation for it. NAPAD is appreciative for the leadership of Rev. Kim and Yang for the great care taken to create a curriculum that allows for conversations around racism faced by Asian immigrant communities. With the success of their inaugural training session, there will be follow up anti-racism training scheduled for next year. The hopes is for more of such anti-racism training for Korean Disciples. 

May the sacred conversations around race reconciliation continue. May our ministries be embolden to embrace working together to work towards wholeness. 

For more resources on race reconciliation, please refer to Reconciliation Ministry's resource page (Click here for link)

Chuukese Leadership Training 

October 23-25, 2015, a gathering of Disciple Chuukese pastors, and lay leaders was held in Athen, TX. This gathering was done in collaboration with ministry representatives from HOPE Partnership, Disciples Women and the Christian Church in the Southwest region. Participants from the Chuukese community came from Rogers (Arkansas), Seattle (Washington), St. Joseph (Missouri), Siou City (Iowa) and Portland (Oregon). We're thankful for the experiences of spiritual renewal and fellowship that was woven into the training sessions. 


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