Korean Disciples Convocation

KDC 단체.jpg

The Korean Disciples Convocation (KDC) held their 13th Biennial Convocation and retreat from January 22-25, 2018 at South Bay Christian Church, Los Angeles, CA. The convocation saw an attendance about 70 including Disciple ministers, their spouses, and seminarians. NAPAD is appreciative for the hospitality provided by South Bay Christian Church, Rev. Young Jae Kim and Rev. Dae Jin Ahn. 

On the theme of "Becoming Disciples of Jesus united with Restoration and Harmony," the participants had worship, workshop (with Dr. Park from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), and fellowship as well as convocation. 

During the Convocation, new officers of the Korean Disciples Convocation were elected. Their positions are as follows:

  • Moderator: Rev. Younsu Nam (Seattle, WA)
  • Vice-Moderator: Rev. So Young Park (Los Angeles, CA)
  • General Secretary: Rev. Hyocheol Kim (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Recording Secretary: Rev. Hainam Seo (San Jose, CA)
  • Treasurer: Rev. Daniel K. Lee (San Jose, CA)

We are thankful for their willingness and commitment to serve in these positions. 

May God continue to do a good work through their ministries!